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This is a list of positions, certainly not all of them, but should help.  Feel free to copy information from this site, but if you share it please mention this site.

Display - Note this a movement not a position - much better and more realistic than most shown on most sites

display tLi-ism
NOTE: what is usally taught as "display" comes from a quote in the Scrolls that shows exactly the opposite of what is usually taught as "display" -- a forced, static positioning of a girl BY an auctioneer, not a position the girl is to assume. At that point, this pose is not termed "display", or named anything else other than "a way"
However, there ARE references that show that a command that is termed "display" involves sensual movement by the slave. See the 1st quote below.
"" ""

"Slave," said Cernus.
"Yes, Master," said Elizabeth.
"Stand straight and place your hands behind your head, head back."
She did so.
"Turn slowly," ordered Cernus.
When Elizabeth had done so once, she remained standing before him, as he had commanded.
Book 4, Assassin: pg 47

"Here, Noble Gentlemen, for your consideration, is the slave girl called Alyena. Regard her! Does she please you? Move for the noble gentlemen, Alyena. Display your beauty. Do not such masters excite you? Do you not long to serve them? Behold, Gentlemen, Alyena dances her beauty for you! How much am I bid for the fair Alyena?"
Book 10, Tribesmen: pg 78

"Clasp your hands behind the back of your head," he said. I understood him now. "Bend back," he said. "Display yourself." I obeyed, of course. Too, the whip was now again in his hand. "Flex your knees," he said. "Now, turn," he said. "Do not forget our friends to the right," he said. I then displayed myself, again, identically, at the right side of the block.
Book 22, Dancer: pg 131

The below quote is not "display"
The auctioneer did not strike her with his whip. He merely took her arms and lifted them, so that the position chain, attached to each side of the sales collar lay across her her upper arms. Then he had her clasp her hands behind the back of her neck, so that the chain, on each side of the collar, was in the crook of her arms, and she was exposed in such a way that in such a way that she could be properly exhibited.
Book 13, Explorers: pg 36


"A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so."
This is the prone form of the positions known as 'standard binding positions".
A slave lays on her belly and places the palms of her hands on either side of her head, her forehead pressed to the ground.
I am not sure a name is given to this 'position' in the books. In the example I found, the Master tells the slave to curl up and then covers her with a blanket. The slave is to remain still and silent until the blanket is removed by a Free Man.
bound by the Master's will
There are several ways to be bound bt the Master's will. Basically, a slave will be told to assume a certain position (for example, crossing her hands behind her back) and she will behave as if she were bound, even when she is not actually tied or braceleted. The slave may not break the assumed position until she is commanded to do so by a Free Person.
A slave turns her back to her Master, places her hands behind her back and brings her wrists together in preparation for being bound; she holds her head high. In the examples I have found in the books, the slaves are not kneeling, but standing, in 'bracelets' position.
collaring position (or the position of female submission)
A slave kneels at the Master's feet, sitting on her heels. The back is kept straight or slightly leant backwards. The girl extendes her arms upward, crosses her wrists, and lowers her head between her arms. The verbal command often used is 'submit'.
A slave drops to her belly and approaches the Master, maintaining that position.
disciplinary slave rape
This position seems to me the same as 'sula'. A slave lies upon her back, head to the floor.
gag law
"When she had been used before my kennel, she had been under 'gag law', as is common when the guards use a girl, forbidden speech, save for moans and whispers." Dancer of Gor, p. 65
Gorean love bow
A slave kneels, her thighs parted, then arches her body backwards until her head touches the floor; her wrists over and above her head. In this position her body exposed fully to the Master. Once in this position, a girl may also be tied.
A slave kneels before a Free and lowers her head so that her hair falls forward, and the Free can use it for whatrever purposes They wish.
A slave takes her place behind the Master's left foot (if the Master is right-handed, so she will not interfere with His weapon hand). As He moves, she must follow Him (usually a few steps behind Him). The slave must stop if He does, but be ready to follow Him instantly if He starts to walk again.
high harness
In this position, a slave raises her chin very high, her neck stretched upwards.
kneel to be coffled
A slave kneels with her thighs parted and lifts either her left or right hand, so that her wrist can be attached to a ring within the coffle chain.
kneel to the whip (whipping position)
A slave kneels. She then crosses her arms in front of her, across her chest or belly; leans forward and places her head to the floor. In this position she will receive a Master's punishment (either whipping or other).
leading position
A slave stands behind the Master and bends at the waist, or croutches, lowering her head to the Master's hip, so that He can lead her easily by her hair or collar. There is also a non-verbal command for this position: the Master lowers His left hand to His hip, opening and closing it.
lesha (also leasha)
A slave turns her back to the Master, her head held high and slightly turned to the left so that a leash can be attached to her collar; her wrists in the small of her back, side by side, ready for bracelets. The slaves in the following examples are standing when they assume this position. The position known online as 'high lesha' is explained as 'a variation of leasha in which the slave is standing, not kneeling'. But, in the examples found in the books, the slave is already standing when she assumes lesha. I have not found 'high lesha' in the books.
nadu (or the position of the pleasure slave)
A slave kneels with her heels tucked under her bottom, thighs spread wide, her back arched, her chest out, belly in, her head held high and her eyes lowered; her hands rest upon her thighs.
A slave settles against a Master, nestling in the crook of His arm.
Obeisance can be performed in several different ways. In Mercenaries of Gor, three different froms are explained.
1.. The first is a variation of the 'nadu' position (difference: the slave's head is bowed, emphasising her submission).
2. This is a continuation of the first form. The slave, kneeling in nadu, leans forward and lowers her head to the floor; her hands are also on the floor, palms down. The girl lifts her head a little and moves forward to the Master, not breaking the position; she then licks/kisses the Master's boots.
3. In this variation, the slave lays on her belly and moves forward remaining low on it; upon reaching the Master's feet, she licks and kisses them. Then she takes the Master's foot and places it on her head for a moment, before lowering it again to the floor and kissing it again.
A slave runs with small quick steps, her legs almost straight, feet barely leaving the floor. Her head is turned to the left, her arms are at her sides with palms facing outward. When she reaches her objective she usually assumes the position of nadu.
This position may serve various purposes: discipline, preparing the girl to be used sexually, or as a reminder of her present status. I have not been able to find a thorough description of this position in the books; what is explained, though, is that the slave is on her hands and knees.
'show rebellion'
This is a command, not a position. Rebellion may be commanded of a slave. (It can be a very cruel command to the slave, for she can be punished severely afterwards.) "There is a mock rebellion which is sometimes permitted a slave girl, or even commanded of her, for the master's amusement. I felt a tear on my cheek. 'Show rebellion', is a command which a girl must, as any other, obey. Yet it is a terribly cruel command. 'Kneel' is the command which, commonly, puts an end to her rebellion. When a girl has been permitted defiance it is then all the sweeter, I gather, to bring her again to her knees before you." Slave Girl of Gor, p. 153
slave lips
A slave turns her head up to her Master, puckering her lips in a kissing position as she does so. She is forbidden to move until the Master's kiss releases her
slave rape
This position is different from 'disciplinary slave rape'. A slave kneels down., head to the ground, clasping hands together, behind the back of her neck.
stake position
A slave lies down, forbidden  to rise even to her knees."
'stand as a slave' is a command. However, kajirae always stand beautifully, even if not explicitly commanded to do so. Online, I have seen it is sometimes called 'display', but there are also other ways in which a slave may be displayed, depending on the situation and, of course, on the decision of each Master.
standard binding positions
These comprise the several positions that may be adopted by a slave when she is to be bound. They usually depend on how a girl is positioned prior to the command. The quote below clearly describes 'bara', one of these binding positions. "'Standard binding position', he said. I was prone. When a girl is prone, the standard binding position is to cross the wrists behind the back and to cross the ankles. I took this position instantaneously." Slave Girl of Gor, p. 125
A slave lays on the floor upon her back, her legs extended and parted, her hands at her sides, palms upturned, and awaits the Master's pleasure.
supine capture position
One of several positions that indicate indicate that a girl is within the capture rights of a particular Gorean Free. The girl must remain motionless. Aslave lies upon her  back knees raised, heels on the floor.
The command 'thigh' may be given by a free man to a woman in order to see if she is a slave (branded) or a free woman. Turn immediately to your side, exposing  left thigh
A slave kneels with her knees modestly together, back straight, eyes lowered. The palms of her hands rest upon her thighs or the slave may have her hands crossed before her.
A slave gracefully walks with her body erect, her feet barely leaving the floor. Upon reaching her destination she stops, and stands with her back straight and her breasts thrust forward, her belly sucked in, hands at her sides; she helds her head high and lowers her eyes. She turns her hip a bit and points one foot.
* If a slave is at the service of a Free, and They snap Their fingers at her, she will drop to her knees if she is standing. If she is kneeling already, she will rise to her feet.
* If a slave has assumed a certain position at a Free's command, or when serving a Free, it is not a good idea to 'break' the position she is in unless she is given permission, or until she is released/dismissed. If she needs to leave, or if someone else requires her services, it is prudent to ask permission before moving or changing her position. Not every Free may expect to be asked, but it will show respect on the part of the slave.
* It is also a bad idea to have a command by a Free repeated. They expect slaves to hurry to comply, for that is precisely our duty... and it should also be our pleasure to do so. Of course, that does not apply if the slave has not understood a command. She can, and should, respectfully, ask for clarification.
"If the girl thinks, however, that the command may have been, say, an inadventance, or mistake, or that the master might relent, or something along these lines, she might, say, beg or inquire. She is reasured of the intent and seriousness of the command if, for example, she is asked if the command need be repeated, which eventually she will presumably be anxious to avoid. If she has, sincerely, and not as a girl's trick, not understood the command, or has not heard it, or fears she may not have heard it correctly, she may also inquire into the matter, of course, and normally without penalty. In such cases the repetition of a command is not regarded as cause for discipline. A girl is seldom punished for trying to be pleasing, at least at first. If her effortscontinue to fail, however, that is a different matter. The whip is an absolutely marvelous instructional device for improving female conduct."
* Slaves do not take liberties with a Free Person such as 'hopping' onto Their lap, or hugging Them of our own accord. Our place is at Their feet, unless we are commanded to act differently. Also, the distance at which slaves kneel from a Free is important. (Slaves in personal collars, though, are sometimes instructed, or permitted, by their Masters, to act differently).
"It is customary in the kneeling position to remain a few feet back from the male. The kneeling position, itself, expresses the servitude of the slave, and her submission.
* Eye contact between Master and slave:
This seems a complex issue on Gor. Generally, a slave will not look directly into a Master's eyes unless she has been commanded to do so. And even then, it is usually difficult for a slave to look at a free man in the eyes.
Positions not found in the books
The online positions karta, suga, sula-ki, high leasha and table are not in the books, nor are these words used. The expression 'slaver's caress/kiss' is used in the books, but it is not the name of a position
information researched and received from dagger{`Z}