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This information was gathered for my Palace Jasmine Healing Halls from this site http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/bypetra/healer.html

Bazi plague -- a deadly, rapidly spreading disease with no known cure;
its symptoms include pustules which appear all over the body, and a
yellowing of the whites of the eyes

Brak Bush -- A shrub whose leaves have a purgative effect when chewed;
traditionally branches of it are nailed to house doors during the
Waiting Hand to discourage the entry of bad luck into the house for the
New Year. Book 5: Assassin of Gor, page 211

Breeding Wine -- A sweet beverage which counteracts the effects of
slave wine making a slave girl fertile; also called second wine. Book
18: Blood Brothers of Gor, page 319

cacao tree -- From the cacao tree, come the beans for making chocolate,
coming original from Earth, now growing in the tropics of Gor and the
beans can be purchased.

Capture scent -- An anesthetic widely employed to render it's victims
unconscious; a rag soaked with it is held over the mouth and nose or
shot into the victim as an anesthetic dart. Book 9: Marauders of Gor,
pages 115 and 116 Similar to an Urth chloraphorm soaked on a rag and
placed to the face it can disable up to 40 ihn.

Dar-Kosis -- holy disease, an incurable, wasting disease akin to the
Earth disease of leprosy

Frobicain -- A sedative injection used during Voyages of Acquisition to
render a captured barbarian unconscious. Book 5: Assassin of Gor, page

Gieron: A drug, an allergen, which causes a yellowing of the whites of
the eyes; in combination with sajel, it reproduces the symptoms of the
Bazi plague

"My pursuit of you was foiled," I said, "by the results of the drug you
placed in my paga."

"The drug," said Shaba, "was a simple combination of sajel, a simple
pustulant, and gieron, an unusual allergen. Mixed they produce a
facsimile of the superficial symptoms of Bazi plague."

"I could have been killed," I said, "by the mob."

I did not think many would care to approach you," said Shaba.

"It was not your intention then that I be killed?" I asked.

"Certainly not," said Shaba. "if that was all that was desired, kanda
might have been introduced into your drink as easily as sajel and

Explorers of Gor, page 154

Kanda -- A plant which grows in desert regions of Gor. It's roots are
extremely toxic, even poisonous, but the leaves can be rolled and
formed into strings which are chewed or sucked to produce a stimulant
effect. Book 3: Priest-Kings of Gor, page 25 Book 4: Nomads of Gor,
page 43 It is an addictive narcotic used in pain control. The Patient
is given the leaf to chew as swallowing this could be fatal. Rarely use
this due to the addictive effects.

Lavenia flowers -- blossoms are used in hot water to relieve headache
and discomfort.

Marigold -- a natural antibotic. It can be ground and used in healing
salves, boiled to oils and used to irrigate high risk wounds to prevent
infection, it can be ground and added to foods for the same effect.

Needle Tree -- an evergreen tree of the Thentis region whose oil is
used in perfumes.

...and the needle trees, the evergreens...

Raiders of Gor, page 141

Plantion Leaves -- this is found growing wild. It draws out infection,

halts bleeding, and eases burns.

Poison -- The use of poison of Gor is generally considered not worthy
of men. It is against the Code of Warriors. It is thought of as a
weapon of women. Book 9: Marauders of Gor, page 18

sajel -- a drug which causes harmless pustules to erupt on the body; in
combination with gieron, it reproduces the symptoms of the Bazi plague

Sip root -- used in the creation of slavewyne to prevent conception.

Slave Wine -- A black, bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive;
its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be
counter-acted with a another sweet-tasting beverage (see: breeding
wine). Book 9: Marauders of Gor, pages 23 and 83-84 Book 22: Dancer of
Gor, page 174

Stabilization Serums -- A series of medical injections which, among
other things, retards the aging process; an invention of the
Priest-Kings approved by them for use by humans; administered in 4
injections. Book 3: Priest-Kings of Gor, page 124 Book 5: Assassin of
Gor, page 30 and 31 Book 7: Captive of Gor, pages 93 - 97 Book 11:
Slave Girl of Gor, page 282 Book 22: Dancer of Gor, pages 472-474

Tassa Powder -- a powder when sprinkled to a wound provides a numbing
effect. This will allow a Healer to stitch. Tassa can render
unconciousness if mixed with red kalana, it is tasteless.. Book 14:
Fighting Slave of Gor, page 222-223 Book 16: Guardsman of Gor, page 113
Book 20: Players of Gor, page 293

Telekint -- a plant of the Tahari, its roots mashed and mixed with
water provide a red dye. The rep-cloth veil was red; it had been soaked
in a primitive dye, mixed from wear and the mashed roots of the
telekint; when he perspired, it had run; his face was stained.

Tribesmen of Gor, page 83

Teslik -- A plant whose extract is the active ingredient in breeding
wine. Book 18: Blood Brothers of Gor, page 320


a bluish wildflower commonly found on the lower ranges of the Thentis
mountains; used in perfumes.

The atmosphere of the pool was further charged with the fragrance of
Veminium, a kind of bluish wild flower commonly found on the lower
slopes of the Thentis range

Assassin of Gor, page 163

Wild yam -- often given to pregnant woman to prevent cramping and
bleeding during pregnancy.

Willow bark -- when soaked in hot water and made to a tea often acts as
a good alternative pain management and is non addictive. Bazi tea has a
similar effect.