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Panthergirls are the fabled panther girls of many of the Gorean forests, such bands being comprised of wildwomen of the forest, former Gor FreeWomen, and runaway female slaves, who have fled from male Gorean society and taken up residence amidst the primitive camps of the dark forbidding hidden unexplored woodlands. Many sightings have occurred; however; some still consider it a myth. These panther girls are strong, physically and mentally, and fierce fighters when encountered.

Their weapons of choice are slim spears, short bows, and hunting knives, along with poisoned darts and needles. They survive by trading with the inhabitants of certain secret settlements for difficult to obtain supplies. The Panthergirls also survive by hunting and trapping game in the wild. They may also use natural forest pheromones to lure specialized prey, a pleasant perfume that sedates as well as attracts. Some of their traps are designed for netting small as well as larger game, including males who wander into their territories, who they enslave and barter for goods. They are free-women. Rumor consistently surface that many Gor Masters and Gorean FreeWomen in Gorean Settlements have secret dealings with these panthergirl camps, procuring their slaves, by trading goods for them.

These panthergirls are an independent breed and are cautious about accepting newcomers to their ranks. All males who seek them out and are found in their territory are either killed, captured by them, or sold as slaves, in trade for civilized foodstuffs and items of equipment they need. Rare is the Master or free-male who is invited into their camps, or who isn’t captured when venturing too near their territory. Even rarer is the free male who is not captured or enslaved by them. If the male shows sufficient skills to assist them in their survival; however, he may be reasonably safe, but must be especially wary in camp. If the male amuses them, or shows sufficient submissiveness to them, he is a candidate for more caring treatment. It is not uncommon for a panthergirl to have in her possession one or more "white silk slaves," male slaves or kajiruus chosen for their appearance, their submissive disposition, their handsomeness, and their sexual vigor. Those who have been trained to serve sexually or are willing to submit to their unquestioned rule may be safe for longer periods of time, often until they die, but will often be physically restrained. They will use the males or boys as they are known, abuse them, and when they are finally bored with them, sell them as slaves. All males are at risk when encountering these panthergirls, including Gorean Masters.

Gorean Masters fear them so much they usually send a female slave to do any trading with them. Masters are unwilling to take the risk of being captured or suddenly discover their guest status has been terminated immediately with a panther girl's leash. Most female slaves and Free Women travel safely, to and from panther girl camps, unless they suspicion them to be spies, often are given generously to, and acquire far more goods in trade than males. Therefore, from an economic standpoint alone, it makes sense for a Gorean Master to send a female slave or slaves to conduct the business of trades, rather than taking unnecessary risk himself.

During certain dancing ceremonies panthegirls have been reported to be the most active and dangerous. Each band of panther girls customarily has a semi or permanent camp, particularly in winter, but each band, customarily, has what is known as it's dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed woman-hood becomes sometimes too painful, natural urges raging, travel to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of males is often consummated. No research has concluded how often the dancing ceremonies take place but their snare drums and stirring music are heard frequently deep within the forests. Unless the Mistress of the camp protects them, by placing a bag over a male's head, virtually all males are subject to being prey and taken into captivity during or following the dancing. No male who has ever watched the ceremony it is reported has ever desired to leave the camp after witnessing these dance ceremonies, and often will attempt escape if sold, at peril of their own execution, to return, only to be captured all over again and sold back into slavery. This provides continued resources for the panthergirls from the same stock of captured males. The dancing and the music are said to be intoxicating, mesmerizing, and all males are extremely vulnerable to its allure, including Gorean. No Master has ever admitted to having seen the ceremony, concluding those who did are no longer free but have become enslaved themselves, or none have witnessed the dancing ceremony.

Male slaves, are not particularly valuable, and do not command extremely high prices because most labor is performed by free men. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Most commonly, male slaves are utilized on the cargo galleys, and in the mines, and on the great farms, but they must be large muscular males to fetch a decent price in those markets. These male slaves, captured and sold by panthergirls, often display a degradation stripe, a 2"-wide band shaved into the hair of men captured by talunas or panther girls; which runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Some consider themselves fortunate to have their lives, even at such a price. An exception to the low prices for males generally is that paid for a certified woman's slave, a handsome male, white silken clad with gold tassels, or one who has been trained to tend a woman's compartments and needs. Some of these bring a price comparable to that brought by an attractive girl, often dangled before prospective female buyers, desiring to be served. Such males usually do not have the degradation stripe because it detracts from their appearance, hence fetching a lower price. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Generally selected males are traded to other panthergirl bands or to FreeWomen of Gor for goods and commodities not available deep in the forests. Because of that. it is rare, if not unheard of, for a FreeWoman of Gor to ever divulge the site of a panthergirl camp, and certainly Gorean settlements
that trade with them for profit and commodities have no desire to reveal the locations. This nderground male slave market, so to speak, although not large in volume, appears to be more than myth.

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